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Bigtech develops asset management tools for financial exchanges, influencers and asset management firms.

About us

Asset management tools. Asset management software. Give it a name. Software that allows you to manage financial assets. Bigtech provides a complete technology platform with a fully automated asset trading dashboard using our own SYNAPSE™ bot technology (proven technology since 2014).

All supporting processes (technical analysis, trading bots and front-end with onboarding, KYC, dashboard with graphs, billing and messaging) have been built by our own team and are now live with hundreds of customers through our showcase “Diamond Pigs”.

Everything is developed within a secure, scalable IT-architecture and designed to be delivered as a white label service for asset exchanges, influencers and traditional asset managers. Available as a complete platform or in separate parts. You ask; we deliver.


Assets never sleep, neither is Diamond Pigs; The bots from Diamond Pigs look at the most successful trading strategies 24/7.  

The bots ensure that assets temporarily go to Euros or US Dollars in the event of sharp declines. As soon as the prices start to rise again, they will step back into the market. With Diamond Pigs you trade like a pro, without any efforts.

Diamond Pigs is the first asset wealth management platform with different strategies (baskets of coins) that execute securely on asset wallets of customers of large reliable Exchanges.


Our software is built in various layers and components that can be used as a complete platform or that is available in separate parts, all depending on the functionality that customers require.

Master Trader

In the Master Trader, trades take place in the underlying wallets of customers. We secure the link (api) with the various asset exchanges. In the Master Trader, the trades are synchronized with the client wallets.


The SYNAPSE Bot creation layer generates the most suitable bots for each underlying asset. The SYNAPSE system assesses millions of bots on their performance 24 hours a day and selects the best bots based on characteristics such as maximum profit or minimum number of losing trades.


Our UI (User Interface) is very intuitive and contains a range of functionalities including wallet balance, management status, portfolio strategy, results (dynamic graph), asset overview (pie), referrals, etc. This UI is fully customizable per customer.


Invoicing takes place based on management fees and performance fees. Performance fees are triggered by monthly HWM (High Water Marks) calculations. Invoices are drawn up and sent out automatically. Payments can be made via direct debit, Ideal or settlement in your wallet.

Onboarding & KYC

The onboarding takes place at the front-end where we make the link with the Exchange api key. Our KYC (Know Your Customer) is supported by Digidentity.


The Strategy Manager manages the strategies consisting of selected bots from the Synapse pool. Each strategy is composed based on the characteristics assigned to the strategy, such as small cap / mid cap assets or synapse characteristics such as risk / reward ratio.

Meet the team

Big-Tech was founded in 2021 by 5 experienced entrepreneurs who have known each other for a long time and who are complementary from their knowledge and skills. A top team with a track record of founded companies with a market value of more than €250 million. In addition, the team has worked in the past for several large ICT corporates as a manager or boardroom consultant. Get to know our team.

Our core values






Bart Mellink

A serial entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in the information technology sector. In recent years, acted as a senior strategic consultant at Gartner.

Idan Velleman

A serial entrepreneur with 20 years of commercial and operational experience in start-ups.

Michiel Bonte

Serial entrepreneur with 25 years of commercial and operational experience with start-ups and large corporates.

Ronald van Woensel

A serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in ICT, architecting & developing secured scalable cloud platforms and managing large IT teams.

Vincent Everts

A serial software entrepreneur. Started multiple international companies. Vincent is also the initiator of the yearly Blockchain Innovation Conference.

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